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2009-07-15 16:11:38 by 00Rattle

Everyone who has been on my profile know my music sucks a duck. If you don't believe me, check down there at the bottom of my page. I have been thinking about posting a flash I made recently. It's a little short involving Billy May's (fake) death, and then talks about his life and his real death. Normally I would not submit anything because I've become very self conscious of myself getting flamed. However, my friend said the animation was good and I should try submitting it. I knew he wasn't lying when I remembered how he used to criticise my animations. So, I'm thinking of posting it soon.
If it gets blammed, I blame not owning a tablet. :3


2009-05-24 11:04:19 by 00Rattle

Totem Destroyer needs badges, its just one of those games that isn't good without them! I can think of plenty more games that need them too. Seriously, its time.


2008-10-16 16:23:17 by 00Rattle




2008-09-04 19:58:22 by 00Rattle

Oh joy i finally got FL studio 8!1!!!11! But its a free trial and time is ticking. And school started. And I cant offord the full thing so there will be a huge gap in mah music submissions sometime soon.
Thats it for now, BAI!


Need a good music maker

2008-07-08 16:12:00 by 00Rattle

Ok. So, some people come to NewGrounds to make a series of flash movies or make music or games. I'm here to make music, but the music maker I have doesn't work for crap! So, can somone PLEASE suggest a good music making program (for winows vista)! I've got nothing else to do!